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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scope of Biology

scope of biology
Biology reveals to us the secretes of life uncovered by biologist through centuries of researches.
Biology is of great importance to mankind in a practical sense.
Young biologists to choose their field of specialization is called scope of Biology. The scopes are:-

The science of man and mankind including the study of the physical and mental constitution of man.
It also deals cultural development, social condition, as exhibited by both in present and past.

Biomedical engineering
Branch of engineering dealing with the production of spare parts for man.
Artificial limbs, heart, lungs and other machines to help impaired body funtions are the product of Bio medical engineering used by the doctors.

It deals with the use of living organisms or of substances obtained from them in industrial process.

Food technology
The science of processing and preservation of healthy foods.
The application of science for the manufacture of milk products is called Dairy technology.
Culture: the rearing of honey bees, bee keeping especially for commercial purposes.
Fishery or Pisiculture : The industry of rearing and catching fishes or other products of the sea, lakes, rivers or ponds.
Sericulture : the breeding and treatment of silkworms for producing raw silk.
Entomology deals with the structure, habits, and classification of insects.

Genetic Engineering
It involves genetic manipulation to produce an organism with a new combination to improve the heredity.
The production of improved varities by selecting mating is called breeding.
Application of scientific knowledge to question civil and criminal laws is called forensic science.

Vetenary Medicine
It deals with the study of domesticated animals and their health care.
Science dealing with the rearing of domestic fowls such as chickens, ducks and geese are called poultry science.

The science of treating diseases with drugs or curative substances.
The science dealing with structure, function and use of microscopic organisms is called microbiology.
The science dealing with the nature of diseases their causes, symptoms and effects is called pathology.
The branch of medicine, involving physical operations to cure diseases or injuries to the body is called Surgery.
The science of knowledge of drugs and preparation of medicine is called pharmacology.

A method of treatment of convalescents and for physically handicapped utilizing light work for diversion, physical exercise or vocational training is called occupational therapy.
The treatment of diseases, bodily weakness or defects by physical remedies, such as massage and exercise called physiotherapy.


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