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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Father of Various Branches of Biology

branches of biology

Aristotle:- Father of Biology, Zoology and Embryology.

G.J. Mendel:- Father of Genetics.

Empedocles:- Father of Evolutionary ideas.

Francis Galton:- Father of Eugenics.

Hugo de Vries;- Father of Mutation.

Karl Ernst Von Baer:- Father of Modern Embryology.

Georges Cuvier:- Father of Modern Palaeontology.

Leonardo da Vinci:- Father of Palaeontology.

Platter:- Father of Parasitology.

Carolus Linnaeus:- Father of Taxonomy.

Antony Von Leeuwenhoek:- Father of Protozoology.

Father Saurez:- Father of Special Creation Theory.

K. Landsteiner:- Father of Blood Group.

William Harvey:- Father of Blood Circulation.

Andreas Vesalius:- Father of Human Anatomy.

G. Cuvier:- Father of Comparative Anatomy.

Paul Berg:- Father of Genetic Engineering.

Bateson:- Father of Modern Genetics.

Hippocrates:- Father of Medicine.

Louis Pasteur:- Father of Microbiology..

Edward Jenner:- Father of Immunology.

Robert Koch:- Father of Bacteriology.

Xavier Bichat:- Father of Histology.

H.J. Muller:- Father of Radiation Biology, Cytogenetics.

Valdimir Korenchevsky:- Father of Gerontology.

Marcello Malpighi:- Father of Microscopic Anatomy.

Thomas Addison:- Father of Endocrinology.

Ivan Pavlov:- Father of Conditional Reflexes.


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